About the Artist

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Patti Bradeis is an award winning artist born in Philadelphia, PA and currently living in New Jersey. She draws her photorealistic portraits with graphite, carbon and charcoal. Her techniques have evolved from studying the works of artists she admires and experimenting with various tools to achieve her desired effect. She uses photographs as her references.

Quoting Renée Phillips, Director and Curator of Manhattan Arts International, “She not only achieves an incredible likeness to her subjects, she infuses her drawings with enormous love for humanity and her drawings evoke a powerful visceral effect on viewers. She reveals truths about many positive aspects of the human experience, particularly love, hope and unity that leap into our hearts.” 

          Patti’s Awards and Exhibitions include:

  • Solo Art Exhibition in the Light Space and Time On-line Art Gallery
  • Award of Excellence in the Healing Power of ART and ARTISTS juried international exhibition “Art That Lifts Our Spirits”
  • Honorable Mention from Medford Art Center, NJ, in it’s juried event “Faces and Places”
  • Award of Excellence in the Healing Power of ART and ARTISTS international juried exhibition “The Healing Power of Art 2019 Exhibition”
  • First Place from Light Space and Time in it’s international juried 8th Annual “All Woman” Art Competition
  • Award of Excellence in the The Healing Power of ART and ARTISTS’ international juried exhibition “Our Bond With Nature”
  • Sixth Place Award in the ‘Painting and Other Media Category’ in Light, Space and Time 2018 international juried exhibition “555 Special”
  • Award of Excellence in Manhattan Arts International “Her Story” 2018 juried art exhibition 
  • Award of Excellence in Manhattan Arts International “New Beginnings 2018” juried art exhibition  
  • Accepted artwork ‘Tenacity’ in the juried exhibition “Ellerslie Open 35” at the Ellerslie Mansion, Trenton City Museum.
  • Third Place Cash and Featured Artist Award in Manhattan Arts International “The Healing Power of Art 2017” art exhibition
  • Honorable Mention from Ellerslie Mansion, Trenton City Museum in it’s juried event “Ellerslie Open 34”
  • People’s Choice Award in the “It’s Christmas” exhibition at Centre For the Arts, Bristol, PA
  • “Honorable Mention” from Artcompetition.net, in it’s juried international event “Faces of Humanity 2”
  • “Honorable Mention” from Artcompetition.net in the international juried event “Drawing”
  • Best in Show in the “Bloom” exhibit from The Centre For the Arts, Bristol, PA
  • Honorable Mention from Hammonton Arts Center, Hammonton, NJ
  • Selected Artist (20 Artists total) for the juried on-line international exhibit titled “Drawing 2017” presented by Gallery25n
  • Selected Artist for The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS “Anniversary Celebration” online art exhibition.

More About Patti, Artist and Author
An interview with Patti Bradeis appears on the Art Business Institute website and she is featured  in the article “Artists Inspired by God, Prayer and Faith”, written by Renée Phillips on The Artrepreneur Coach website.  Another article written by Cate Murway in the Pilot Newspaper of Bristol, PA encapsulates Bradeis’ first inspired drawing and her progression with tools to render more realistic proportions.

Patti Bradeis recently published her first book. It is a delightful keepsake collection of her art work she personally paired with verses from the Bible. Renee Phillips, Director of Manhattan Arts International and Founder of The Healing Power of ARTS and ARTISTS, states, “What A Wonderful Life” by Patti Bradeis is a collection of the artist’s extraordinary award-winning drawings of her beloved photographic portraits that capture sacred moments in time and her love for children and family. Patti’s choice to pair her inspirational art with life-affirming verses from the Bible delivers universal messages of hope, truth and unity. This book is a treasure trove of powerful images and revelations to be savored alone in quiet contemplation, as well as read aloud and cherished with loved ones and friends. By sharing her exceptional artistic talent and faith, Patti lovingly guides us in our quest and appreciation for a wonderful life.

What A Wonderful Life’ is available from the ‘Book Purchase’ page in the menu above or click on this store link https://squareup.com/store/belovedportraitsbypatti

Interview by Renee Phillips with Patti Bradeis about ‘What A Wonderful Life’ … https://www.healing-power-of-art.org/

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