Welcome to Beloved Portraits by Patti Bradeis



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          What drew me to pencil and paper was the need to capture the uninhibited, joy filled spirit of my first born grandchild. She is, as with all children, emotionally expressive.  Children are blessed with the freedom of being authentic and I enjoy drawing their spontaneity.
           Each portrait is drawn from a photograph  or combined photos.  Sensitive details such as each eyelash, a single loose thread from a button, the individual shades in the iris, the folds in clothing, all combined, produce the personal capsule of time in each portrait that evokes lasting memories.
            I hope each one prompts your heart to experience spontaneous delight with a contented smile, a gentle sigh, or deep chuckle.
I invite you to visit ‘Beloved Portraits by Patti Bradeis’ on Facebook to view a more personal glimpse of my art work…. (https://www.facebook.com/belovedportraits/)


17 thoughts on “Welcome to Beloved Portraits by Patti Bradeis

  1. Ptti, I am shocked & blessed by this awsomw gift God has given you. I will keep my eyes pealed for a picture you can do for me. I know I will have to takre a number!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Pam. Your shocked? I’M STILL SHOCKED! I asked Him on my 50th b’day (with new pencil in hand) to please allow me to draw. He took that little short prayer and magnified it to what you see on here. I get giggle bubbles still in the center of my soul each time I complete a section as I’m working on a portrait. AND He clearly directed me where to use the profit from it for His praise and glory! I am constantly humbled by His blessing. Gotta stop, I could go on a rampage! lol
      Ok, while your looking for a picture, keep in mind the ones with the sharp focus, very clear details, produce the most accurate portraits. If a favorite is a bit out of focus, I can draw it but the clarity will be less, just like the photo.
      Just give me a call with any questions. Love you….Patti

  2. Dear Patti, What a talented gift from the Almighty. The photos & drawings do evict good thoughts & emotions like a Rockwell painting. Yes, you’re that blessed, with such a grandaughter, and I have an eye for good art.

      1. Bokar Tov, I would be honored if you drew the background to the Title
        cover to my book when it is completed. Danny

  3. Hi Patti. I was just surfing and found this unbelievable drawing that Alex posted and then I clicked on your name and found this site. You are so wonderfully talented. Your drawings are so full of life and character…astounding!!! God is good! He has blessed you with such a gift. I can’t wait to see more.
    Love ya,

  4. Pattie, these pictures of your work are absolutely incredible. I had to look several times at most to appreciate the detail, both technically and emotionally. Words escape me at the moment, well except for, wow!
    Truely beautiful… thank you for sharing.
    Warmest wishes

    1. Randy….many thank you’s for your kind and heart felt comment. It seems that you have absorbed the spirit and emotion which feeds my passion to draw. Such inspiring words to me. Blessings…. Patti

  5. Patti, I wanted to publicly thank you for submitting your artwork to the Manhattan Arts International “The healing Power of ART” online exhibition. And, congratulations for being selected for the Third Place Award among more than 800 entries from around the world. I wish you continued creative bliss, Renee

    1. Thank YOU so very much Renee!!! I am still shaking my head in bewilderment to have my submissions among such extraodinary works of art! And all for the very real effect art has to inspire, encourage, comfort and love all who are in need, who strive for healthy horizons. An effect on both creator and viewer! My heart is full of gratitude to you Renee!

  6. Ah, my Heart Sister Patti, mere words cannot express the joy I feel when looking at your work! Our Heavenly Father opened His heart and hands allowing His miraculous blessings to let your heart sing His praise and glory!! I see through your eyes the marvels I might miss otherwise, my friend. I am so proud of you!

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